COVID-19 Infection Testing, Risk Strategy & Management Solutions for Entertainment, Production, Music and Film Industries

Cosmos offers private testing services to film industry productions across Los Angeles.

Private, On-Site Testing

Film productions are highly contained and close-knit communities, where contact tracing, isolation, and wraparound support are natural extensions of testing. CORE is committed to providing private, service-based testing that implements our CORE 8 methodology, an integrated approach to combat COVID-19 that utilizes the multi-pronged approach of testing, tracing and supported services for safe isolation.

Testing Solutions moving forward

We help Hollywood and the entertainment industry get back to safely producing television and movies with daily testing.


Consumers may be watching from home, but you can get your performers and support crews back on stage and tours.

Why Cosmos Health Solutions?

We are a unique physician-owned and operated medical company providing the most up to date and comprehensive testing solutions and risk mitigation and management strategies for groups and individuals through a seamless, customer experience-based approach.

On-Site Corporate Testing – We bring testing to your business.

We cater to multiple industries so if you don’t see yours here, contact us for more information.




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