ABOUT Cosmos Health Solutions

Helping you safely and conveniently get back to living.

Who We Are

Infection Testing & Risk Management Solutions

Cosmos Health Solutions is a unique physician-owned and supervised medical company providing the most up to date, comprehensive coronavirus testing solutions and risk mitigation and management programs to help people get back to life safely.

Our Approach

Cosmos understands that the testing or the strategy around managing pandemic protocols in life is not the main event. It is simply a necessity in order to continue living in this new normal. That’s why, by minimizing the disruption of ongoing business operations, people and businesses who work with us are able to move on with a feeling of a seamless and convenient solution.

We use our 20+ years of clinical expertise and global partnerships to understand your needs and administer a customized plan to execute based on your goals. Once tested we analyze and evaluate the collective testing data to design and deliver an on-going, comprehensive and personalized COVID-19 management plan for your organization or event.

Our Team

Kenneth Kim, MD

Kenneth Kim, MD

CEO & Founder

Dr. Kim, a Harvard MD, is a recognized healthcare authority and consultant, medical monitor and investigator on over 750 clinical trials. Dr Kim is a nationally acclaimed expert in the areas of early stage clinical research, ethnobridging drug development strategies, influenza challenge and mold and latex allergies. He operates a private medical practice specializing in treating difficult allergy and asthma cases. He has presented and advised decision makers at the FDA, PMDA, SFDA and KFDA and has been a member of the clinical faculties at UCLA and UCI Schools of Medicine.

In addition to his medical career, Dr Kim is a serial entrepreneur who over the last 10 years founded and managed healthcare services businesses that transitioned into successful private equity offerings. He is the founder and medical director of Ark Clinical Research where he and his team are performing ongoing covid studies. He most recently founded Cosmos Health Solutions, a company dedicated to providing comprehensive coronavirus testing solutions to support corporate risk management programs.

Thomas Levin, JD

Thomas Levin, JD

Executive VP - Corporate Strategy

Mr. Levin has over 40 years of corporate leadership in healthcare, including start-ups where he increased growth, scaled operations and improved financial results. His experience includes CEO of Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies, healthcare IT development companies and community-based not-for-profit organizations. Tom currently consults public policy groups, governmental and private companies seeking guidance with operations, strategic direction, investor/investment strategies, and policy at national/state and regional levels.

He started his career as a healthcare lawyer and was admitted to practice in three states and the federal courts. He has had key roles with University systems as a member of various advisory boards. His portfolio of support includes promoting the establishment of a National Science Foundation Center of Excellence in biophotonics, and serving on its advisory board for over a decade. He has worked with the CDC to persuade hospitals to share outcomes data with the NIH. Mr. Levin is respected for his team building skills and vision to solve complex business challenges.

Hyo Kim

Hyo Kim

VP - Operations

Mr. Kim has over 15 years of operational experience in nonprofit, financial services, and retail where he increased revenue and implemented operational and financial procedures. In partnership with the executive management team, he drove change in organizational management, workforce planning, and financial management. Prior to the post of VP of Operations for Cosmos, Mr. Kim has held a number of roles in executive management with P&L responsibility.

He started his career at Disney Consumer Products, and he transitioned to leadership roles in the nonprofit sector and finance for over 10 years. He has also served on multiple nonprofit boards to address critical issues in community development. As a strategic and accessible leader, Mr. Kim is known for building teams and advancing cohesion between internal departments. He is also known for driving operational capabilities to surpass customer satisfaction that align with the organization’s mission.






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