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      Avalon Carver Community Center

      4920 S. Avalon Blvd
      Los Angeles, CA 90011

      Tustin, CA

      13552 Newport Ave
      Tustin, CA 92780

      Long Beach, CA

      2600 Redondo Ave, #400,
      Long Beach CA 90806

      What type of test do I need?

      If you think you’ve been infected with COVID-19 or have recently come in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, then viral testing can help you make an informed decision about returning to work or school, traveling, or self-isolating to help slow the spread.

      Rapid Antigen Tests

      Results in 10-15 Minutes via nasal swab

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      Viral PCR Tests

      Results in 24-48 Hours via nasal swab

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      Rapid Antibody Tests

      Results in 10-15 Minutes via finger prick

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      Group & Workplace Testing

      Custom strategies for a variety of industries

      Keep your workplace thriving with a tailored testing and infection management solution designed just for your needs.

      We differentiate ourselves through sound processes and protocols that focus on reliable and accurate testing, efficient and effective communication, and experienced infection and risk management — which amounts to an added sense of security and confidence for people and businesses who are looking for a trusted source for information and to get back to work, travel, and life.

      We cater to multiple industries so if you don’t see yours here, contact us for more information.

      Our Partners

      Who We Are

      Infection Testing & Risk Management Solutions 

      Cosmos Health Solutions is a unique physician-owned and operated medical company providing the most up to date and comprehensive testing solutions and risk mitigation and management strategies for groups and individuals through a seamless, customer experience-based approach.

      Our Approach

      By minimizing the disruption of ongoing business operations, people and businesses who work with us are able to move on with a feeling of a seamless and convenient solution.

      We use our 20+ years of clinical expertise and global partnerships to understand your needs and administer a customized plan to execute based on your goals.

      Once tested we analyze and evaluate the collective testing data to design and deliver an on-going, comprehensive and personalized COVID-19 management plan for your organization or event.